"Rocketship is a wonderful, weird record, in which standard singer/songwriter tropes are submerged in a bath of spindly parlor piano, County Derry brass, Fantasia strings, and angelic old-Hollywood choirs, all led by Miles' Isaac Brock-like bleating and braying. "He Once Was a Friend of Mine" is a gaspingly good funeral song, with earnestly strident glee-club backing vocals and a crescendoing arrangement; the title track's lyrics describe the wind shaking a tree's leaves, while its delicate instrumentation sounds like exactly that, even before it introduces an overdub of howling wind, which, astonishingly, doesn't sound pandering or gimmicky." 

-Ned Lannamann, The Portland Mercury

1. Octopus Tree
2. He Once Was A Friend of Mine
3. Darjeeling
4. Pale Moon [Resurrection]
5. Miles Away
6. Lazy Old Sun
7. Bow To Your Heart
8. South Dakota
9. Rocketship
10. Never Thought I Could Die
11. When You See the Sun Go Under the Hill
12. Red River
13. Where the Days Go



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