Myriad storms: selected poems, 2005-2014

Myriad Storms: Selected Poems 2005-2014 is a self-published collection of poetry first released in December, 2018.

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Thank you, Jarad


“Carried Then This World” by Jarad Miles

“It Won’t be Long” by Jarad Miles

In Sketches

In Sketches is a collection of works by artist Jhaki Schneller. Inspired by the 2014 music album, Jarad Miles In Ancient Wave, each sketch depicts a song from the album as heard and translated by Schneller. 
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A note from the artist (on the process):

"I sometimes sketch to silence. I often sketch to music. I’d never sketched for music. 

But prepositions are confusing, and so I started my intentional sketches for music, for JMIAW. Had I continued sketching along for music, the sketches would come. They’d come as sketches to and for music do. But, it didn’t take long before I was sketching because. Because of music. And so they came, as sketches that come because of music do. 


Not cascading down my face. (see ‘bleeding eyeballs’)

On Bleeding Eyeballs:
Keeping up with the waves. I was always keeping up and never breathing air. And all the time, I wished the colors could rock, tip and slip from my eyeballs, just as easily as the music rocked, tipped, and slipped into my brain. In waves. 

Before I blamed my eyeballs, I blamed my tables. (see ‘a surface-ist’) 

On Life as a Surface-ist:
I am a surface-ist. I believe everything deserves a surface. From inception, to birth, for life, until death. Because my studio only fits three large tables (and most would say it doesn’t fit them well) and I would say all I wish to create or create again doesn’t fit well upon them. Sketches for music can be planned for. Materials gathered. Materials placed. Materials ready for push play. Sketches because of music scatter materials. Repeat. They want what they can’t have. Then they want it all. 

They weep and moan for

No, charcoal,
No! I’m not hungry anymore.

And yet somehow they grow. And somehow they’re ready to leave home. And somehow I let them. 

On Maybe Eyeballs Do Bleed, but we need a translator:
JMiAW playing on table #1, left table #2 a flurry. Table #3, stayed out of it. But table #2 did her damn best. And her damn best left my eyes bleeding onto the floor and out the balcony door. I don’t blame the door; the door’s never been so modest. Open
a crack to anyone who flies by. 

And because eyes spilled on the floor, and because musical eye blood colors are not for the humans, these sketches admit only 43-62% accuracy of the true rock, tip, and
slip of music in. Experts say that’s pretty good. Translators say, can you repeat that? 

On Track 5:

Just as thoughts may
(they did not cease--)
but they, 

No matter moonlight
can he

all I heard was sun
all I saw were rays."

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track 1: We're Reborn I

track 1: We're Reborn I

track 2: We're Reborn II

track 3: One Life

track 4: Blackest Cloud

track 5: Thoughts May Cease

track 6: Away Away

track 7: Ooh Child

track 8: Sea of Love

track 9: Grandpa Les

track 10: I Won't Be Free

track 11: Orange

track 12: Ancient Wave