One Million Years [EP] (digital album)


One Million Years [EP] (digital album)


One Million Years [EP] is a unique glimpse into some of Jarad's earliest recorded songs. In collaboration with Portland, Oregon producer and multi-instrumentalist Neil Goldstein; Jarad paints a wide lyrical landscape of light and dark mysticism in kaleidoscopic color.


released September 25, 2009

Jarad Miles: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Neil Goldstein: synth, electric guitar, bass, drums, backing vocals and more
Eric Shaefer: drums
Jenni Goldstein: backing vocals

Produced, recorded and mixed by Neil Goldstein and Jarad Miles in Garden Home, Oregon

Recorded/Mixed by Neil Goldstein @ Red Room Studios, Portland, OR
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwork, Stereophonic Mastering

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